E-FAB, Inc.

E-FAB Photo Etching & Flex Circuits - Santa Clara, California, United States
E-FAB is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Established in 1981, E-FAB, Inc., located in Silicon Valley, California, provides photo chemical machining, photo etching, chemical milling, and flex circuits manufacturing. E-FAB is dedicated to offering its customers reliable production schedules, the highest quality photo-etched components and the engineering support required to accomplish unique designs using the chemical machining process.

Photo-chemical milling and photo-etching of thin metal precision components is what E-FAB specializes in. These parts are finished in several different ways: electroplated or coated with a dielectric layer, then separated, and bent, or formed, or supplied flat per customer's specifications.

Military, Defense and Commercial Customers

Our customers develop "state of the art" products for use in the military, defense, ordinance, aerospace, RF, microwave, antenna, communication, medical, electronics, solar, EMI shielding, robotics, semiconductor, and PCB industries.

E-FAB offers engineering assistance during the customer design and development phase in optimizing manufacturability while achieving cost and quality objectives.
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