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add-a-trace PCB Jumpers
add-a-trace E-FAB Circuit Board Jumpers
What are E-FAB add-a-trace™ PCB jumpers?
  • The E-FAB PCB add-a-trace™ jumpers are flat, stand-alone copper plated traces with sized pads and holes matching the circuit boards.
  • Are ready for rigid-flex PC boards (pre-routed, flat and soldered jumper).
  • Insulated and the pads are tinned, with solder ready.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are laid out exactly to the proper routing requirements using Gerber CAD file data or padmaster film to produce the exact size dimensions.
How add-a-trace™ PCB jumpers helps you:
  • Simplified installation (reduces skill level required)
  • Uses standard assembly techniques
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™PCB jumpers can be installed prior, during or after assembly, and can be bare-board tested
  • Customer appeal is increased because of greatly reduced visibility; do away with the “used circuit board appearance” caused by the poor appearance of wires
  • Simplify a field retrofit installation change
  • Will increase quality and reliability by insuring consistent workmanship with the E-FAB add-a-trace™ CAD group
  • Simplifies configuration control: ECO changes can be handled as a unique”component”

E-FAB add-a-trace™ Key Points

  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are installed simply as a “PCB component” with very easy installation procedures. E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are rigid flex PCB jumpers.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are a stand-alone item with copper plated traces and sized pads and holes matching your boards exactly.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are manufactured by E-FAB to exact required circuit details.
  • Specify the dimensions of the E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumper and we can create it for you. If you need hundreds, thousands or millions of E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers pre-fabricated and pre-insulated to be added for circuit board ECOs (engineering change orders) E-FAB can customize the add-a-trace™ jumpers to your exact specifications.

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