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E-FAB manufactures for Defense, Military and Aerospace industries by utilizing the efficient, cost effective and time saving process of photo etching and photochemical machining of thin metal products for a wide variety of applications. Quickly get your complex shaped products from prototype to mass production in record times. Various metals and alloys can be utilized with the E-FAB process. Call E-FAB toll free: 800.600.3322


Micro Contacts - Micro Bumps - Micro Dimples

Micro Bump Switch Contact Points

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Actual Part Size
With E-FAB's precision micro bump forming process, we have the ability to produce precision bumps, contact points, on various metals and alloys. E-FAB micro bumps (contact points), micro divots, cavities, depressions, or precision dimples are ideal for special applications requiring raised bumps, miniature contact points, spring contacts on thin metal parts, or raised contact points on stand-alone trace circuits. Click link for a sales quote or speak with an E-FAB engineer in regards to your special application needs.

Micro Contact Points
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