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Thin Metal Photo Etching, Photo Chemical Machining & Hybrid Flex PCBs.
PCB Stiffeners Bussbars
Micro Contacts Micro Bumps
Sculpted Flex Circuits
EMI Shielding
Circuit Components

Antenna Elements and Arrays

  Printed Circuit Board
E-FAB PCB Jumpers

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Production and Prototype runs welcome.
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E-FAB manufactures for Defense, Military and Aerospace industries by utilizing the efficient, cost effective and time saving process of photo etching and photochemical machining of thin metal products for a wide variety of applications. Quickly get your complex shaped products from prototype to mass production in record times. Various metals and alloys can be utilized with the E-FAB process. Call E-FAB toll free: 800.600.3322


Hybrid Circuit Components

Carriers and Lids

Microwave Component Carriers and Frames

Carriers, Bases, Flanges and Plates

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Supporting hybrid and microwave circuits components manufacturers for the defense and military industries. E-FAB is a key supplier for all types of microwave and RF component flanges, plates, bases, frames and carriers. Click link to send us your engineering files or request a sales quote.
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