E-FAB PCB add-a-trace™ - Circuit Board Jumpers

add-a-trace PCB Jumpers
add-a-trace E-FAB Circuit Board Jumpers
What are E-FAB add-a-trace™ PCB jumpers?
  • The E-FAB PCB add-a-trace™ jumpers are flat, stand-alone copper plated traces with sized pads and holes matching the circuit boards.
  • Are ready for rigid-flex PC boards (pre-routed, flat and soldered jumper).
  • Insulated and the pads are tinned, with solder ready.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are laid out exactly to the proper routing requirements using Gerber CAD file data or padmaster film to produce the exact size dimensions.
How add-a-trace™ PCB jumpers helps you:
  • Simplified installation (reduces skill level required)
  • Uses standard assembly techniques
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™PCB jumpers can be installed prior, during or after assembly, and can be bare-board tested
  • Customer appeal is increased because of greatly reduced visibility; do away with the “used circuit board appearance” caused by the poor appearance of wires
  • Simplify a field retrofit installation change
  • Will increase quality and reliability by insuring consistent workmanship with the E-FAB add-a-trace™ CAD group
  • Simplifies configuration control: ECO changes can be handled as a unique”component”

E-FAB add-a-trace™ Key Points

  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are installed simply as a “PCB component” with very easy installation procedures. E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are rigid flex PCB jumpers.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are a stand-alone item with copper plated traces and sized pads and holes matching your boards exactly.
  • E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers are manufactured by E-FAB to exact required circuit details.
  • Specify the dimensions of the E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumper and we can create it for you. If you need hundreds, thousands or millions of E-FAB add-a-trace™ jumpers pre-fabricated and pre-insulated to be added for circuit board ECOs (engineering change orders) E-FAB can customize the add-a-trace™ jumpers to your exact specifications.

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Hybrid Circuit Components

Carriers and Lids

Microwave Component Carriers and Frames

Carriers, Bases, Flanges and Plates

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Supporting hybrid and microwave circuits components manufacturers for the defense and military industries. E-FAB is a key supplier for all types of microwave and RF component flanges, plates, bases, frames and carriers. Click link to send us your engineering files or request a sales quote.


EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding E-FAB Shields, Lids and Fences

EMI Shields
E-FAB EMI Shielding

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PCB EMI cans and cages are able to be fabricated and custom formed into complex shapes and designs, using various types of metals and alloys. EMI lids and covers can be custom designed to be easily removable, with built-in clip detents and/or dimples and/or holes in the cans for clipping the lids in place. Click link to request a sales quote.

PCB Busbars & Stiffeners

Copper or Brass Tin-Plated PCB Busbars and Stiffeners

Custom Formed and/or Bent Stiffeners and Busbars

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Download Engineering Specifications Document
E-FAB stiffeners and busbars are ideal for PCB stiffening for rugged and harsh-environment and military electronics' products and can be custom designed to meet various customers’ circuit board requirements including straight, bent and formed; to curved, single layer and snap-in styles, including multilayer busbars capable of carrying high currents on multi-voltage busses on PCB boards. Click link to request a sales quote.

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Flex Circuits - Sculpted Flex and Sculptured Flex

Sculpted flex, also known as sculptured flex circuits, have raised surface features.

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Close up pictures include front view, connector end and surface raised features of a sculptured flex circuit. The raised connector pins are built directly into the flex circuit, which effectively eliminates the requirement to install install expensive ZIF connectors on the mating circuits, since the finished pin thickness on the flex board can match that of almost any engineered connector requirements. Click link to send us your engineering drawing and request a sales quote.

Micro Contacts - Micro Bumps - Micro Dimples

Micro Bump Switch Contact Points

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Actual Part Size
With E-FAB's precision micro bump forming process, we have the ability to produce precision bumps, contact points, on various metals and alloys. E-FAB micro bumps (contact points), micro divots, cavities, depressions, or precision dimples are ideal for special applications requiring raised bumps, miniature contact points, spring contacts on thin metal parts, or raised contact points on stand-alone trace circuits. Click link for a sales quote or speak with an E-FAB engineer in regards to your special application needs.

Micro Contact Points
Contact E-FAB for Micro Contacts.

Antennas - Antenna Elements and Arrays

Defense Industry Supplier

Antenna Elements

Space Fed Lens Antennas

Space Borne Antennas

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E-FAB manufacturing of antenna systems includes: micro, macro, cone, horn, helix, spiral, patch, hybrid etched antenna arrays, cavity backed, phase array, fractal, blade, miniature parabolic, rigid & flexible antennas on various substrates. Click link to attach your engineering drawings or request a sales quote.
The following documents are available for download.

Certifications and Policies

Specification Documents